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Samsung Gear Fit offers you a variety of background colors, wallpapers, and clock designs for you to set
according to your taste. You can look at your screen horizontally or vertically as it rotates to adjust to your

Simple Interaction

Samsung Gear Fit allows you to easily control
basic functions, such as, reject calls with messages,
quick reply to messages and control alarms.

Personalized Fitness Manager

Samsung Gear Fit provides personalized real-time
information on the progress and results of your
workout by deploying the device’s optical heart rate
sensor. Personalized and adaptive next workout
recommendation will help you to exercise according
to your individual needs.

* TE(Training Effect)
TE(offered by Firstbeat) is calculated based on your user profile, heart
beat data and the difficulty of the workout. It adapts to your fitness level
as you train.

24/7 Wearable

Always-on activity tracking of Samsung Gear Fit keeps
track of your activities throughout the day and is prepared
for any adventure with its dust and water resistant
protection (IP67)

Device Compatibility

Samsung Gear Fit keeps you connected with your devices, as it is compatible with various Galaxy
smartphones and tablets.

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