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    A smartphone is a cell phone that allows you to do more than just make phone calls and send text messages. Smartphones can browse the Internet and run basic software programs like a computer. Smartphones use a touch screen to allow users to interact with them. There are thousands of smartphone apps (software programs), including games, personal-use, and business-use programs that can all run on the phone. The picture is an example of the Apple iPhone, one of the most popular smartphones available today.

    What else can a smartphone do?

    Smartphones are loaded with feature and capabilities; it's hard to imagine them as just a phone. Below is a listing of the most popular features of a smartphone.

    1.     Make and receive phone calls text messages.
    2.     Take, show, and store pictures and video.
    3.     Browse the Internet and send and receive e-mail.
    4.     GPS capability for location and navigation.
    5.     Record and play audio and music.
    6.     Display time and date and other time functions such as alarm clock, stopwatch, and timer.
    7.     Display weather and temperature information.
    8.     Voice dictation and take notes
    9.     Virtual assistant using Siri, Google Voice Search, or Cortana.
    10.     Access utilities such as a flashlight, e-book reader, and calculator
    Also, with a smartphone you can download and install other apps and games that can do an almost endless amount of tasks.

    Does a smartphone have an operating system?

    Yes. Similar to a desktop or laptop computer, a smartphone has an operating system on it, like Windows or Mac OS. The four most common are iOS (created by Apple), Android (created by Google), BlackBerry (created by Research In Motion), and Windows Phone (created by Microsoft).

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Cheap Real Phentermine

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Description iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus take everything that made the previous generat..


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DescriptioniPhone 7 dramatically improves the most important aspects of the iPhone experience. It ..


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